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    all links work now to get the video part to work and use persons cam to show video hmmmmmmmmmmm


    so need how to use media player plugin in vb6 to capture video link clicked and publich to web cam sounds simple hahahahah not

    and finish the trivia so functions and robin is helping some with that plus in folder shows possible code to loop questions but not how to start stop resume or use random

    here version with music links working

    Sorry So many but some times my mind races and when i change and fix things hahah


    so can create webcam capture but some how need to capture video source from youtube link hmmmmmmmm or some how use media player and post to webcam hmmmmmmmmmmm


    that doesnt work and tried few hundred other things hmmmmmmmmmm


    must be away without using external program like webcam max hmmmmmmmmmmmm this needs be all in one program so when made all people can use Free


    Private Sub WindowsMediaPlayer1_OpenStateChange(ByVal NewState As Long)

    End Sub


    maybe need think change the music form and use a combobox and list each link then maybe would show video also not sure just thinking


    something wrong in this line
    Me.CommonDialog1.Filter = “All Files |*.wmv;*.mp3;*.mp4|”&”WMV Files”(*.wmv)|*.wmv|”&”WAV Files (*.wav) |*.wav|”&”MP3 Files (*.mp3)|*.mp3 |”&”MP4 Files (*.mp4) | *.mp4 |”&”VIDEO Files (*.avi) | *.avi |”&”MPEG Files (*.mpg) | *.mpg|”


    here the code on youtube lol


    lol never mind i fixed it
    Private Sub Command30_Click()
    Me.CommonDialog1.Filter = “All Files |*.wmv;*.mp3;*.mp4|” & “WMV Files(*.wmv)|*.wmv|” & “WAV Files(*.wav)|*.wav|” & “MP3 Files (*.mp3)|*.mp3 |” & “MP4 Files (*.mp4) | *.mp4 |” & “VIDEO Files (*.avi) | *.avi |” & “MPEG Files (*.mpg) | *.mpg|”
    WindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = CommandDialog1.FileName
    p = True
    End Sub


    still have error
    HScroll.Value = WindowsMediaPlayer1.settings.volume

    and doesnt load video or music lol but im close

    should beable to connect to the combobox like i do in trivia and open that link but in the media player with video and then captur webcam to publish in room is my intentions

    I think i have most the code correct but select music gives error


    ok i fixed error but still wont load music files hmmmmmmmmmm


    lol ok fixed that but now trying figure out how load the youyube url files lol im pretty stupid about this

Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 305 total)
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