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ghostriderofthenite Ultimate Bot project

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    if unzip that and save to desktop does it work everyone alowed to edit read and write


    i checked again and saved to desktop and open right up all forms and all working


    file is shared to all so should work np


    now this shows answer but not question hmmmmmmmmm

    Private Sub Text3_Change()
        Load Form5
        Set Form5.txtTest = Text3
    End Sub
    Public txtTest As TextBox
    Private Sub Form_Activate()
      Text3.Text = txtTest.Text
      End Sub
    Private Sub Text3_Change()
    txtTest.Text = Text3.Text
    End Sub

    I tested file again i unzipped it saved to desktop and then clicked on version10 project and opened with all forms. I made sure permissions were set all access read write everyone.


    Nope 🙂 I think I know why is that the forms are save in another folder other than the zip file you have, is there any way you can add all the forms in the same folder as the zip file, cause I keep getting this error:


    ya using visual studio i was using vb6


    ok saved all in same folder now i’ll upload it again


    all forms in folder odd i thought they were sorry about that


    Perfect now I can see all the forms, okay let me start working on it 🙂


    lol Thanks Alot man , still alot things to do make it 100%, some reason my code to open game links in what ever browser is set as deafualt not working now and it was when I wrote it, plus finishing the trivia connections and forms and making it work.


    Yep I was checking it, man there a lot of work to do 🙂 how you plan to make it work with paltalk, like send text, get text, ect…


    yeah beable join and exit rooms 1st and then see and send text and then use the timmer as send to room and of course the trivia


    if ya can think like me each well button and or form i made has a function and all need to be able to be used and send and receive in paltalk if thats possible timmer visible in room trivia working with questions answers scores and all, hard explain but if ya see it then maybe understand what im thinking it’s huge project hahaha

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 305 total)
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