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Hello all

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    Dam long time i didnt go on paltalk or the site all i did was playing this hot ass cool game Called Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory its An online came you play with really people got to have an internet to conect with them :d Here is some stuff about it its about like If you in aillies you got to destory something to win the mission if you an axis you got to do something to potect the thing that will get Bobmed you Etiher choss a Fdops,Covops,Engineer,Medic or A Sloder The best i play with is a medic if you would like to know more info go to its like paltalk but there is you like spwn kill in there place they will kick you thats all as long as you dont spwn kill they dont kick you at all and there are no cheats if you use cheats There is a thing called punkbuster it scanes for cheats and banned you but maybe one of you can make an Aimbot or something :d

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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