How to Get People’s PT Passwords!!!!

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    If the person has their password saved here is how u can get it. Paltalk stores saved passwords in the registry of the PC. If you have access to the persons PC then Go to Start -> Run -> type in “regedit” without the quotes. Click OK. Now go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER then “Software” then “Paltalk” then Right Click “Paltalk”. Find the username, click on it, find the thing, to the right thats called “pwd”…open it and copy the number sequence where it says “Value Data”. Copy those numbers somehow…write it down, whatever…

    Now in your computer go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER then “Software” then “Paltalk” then Right Click “Paltalk”. Go to “New” then Click “Key”. You will see another folder appear below the other niks stored on your PC (if you dont have any saved, it will appear underneath “Paltalk” folder). Name the folder(the KEY) whatever the name of the nik is. Example is abdul. Click on that new key u just made and right click in the white area,to the right, where u see a thing that says default. Go to “New” then Click “String Value”. Now name that string value u just made “pwd” without the quotes. Then Right Click that string and click “Modify”. Where it says “Value Data” Paste or type in the encrypted password (the “Value Data” that u copied) for that nik. Then Click OK. U are finished now. Open up paltalk and u will see that nik on the list and u can sign on wit it cus the password is already saved. If you want to decrypt that password to see what it is…then use a program called “Password Decrypt” Which I have provided in a file attachment. Run that program while u have the paltalk login screen open.

    Now if you want to know how to do this remotely without going to the actual PC then thats another story. Then id be telling you how to hack which is illegal….lol 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

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