how to make new nick from banned countries?

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    hello all
    hope so all wud b fine,well how to make a nick from ban countries as i try ip-changer
    but same problem cud any one help me..and wud tht itshidden vpn works?

    good wishes to all


    I also need assistance on this issue. I lost my only registered nickname on Paltalk as I do not remember which email PALTALK sends the “forgotten password” to. And I can not make a new PALTALK ID from Pakistan as I get error “tc-2120”. Therefore, I can not use paltalk anymore. When I contacted the paltalk support, they gave the routine response of entering “paltalk nickname assistance rooms”. But how can I log in on to Paltalk without a “nickname and password”? does anyone know how one can create a new nickname in countries where paltalk is banned?


    Man paltalk is being a bitch, try following this post but I never done it thou
    One thing If i make a nick in the US can ya guys use it over there?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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