HP C6180 C7180 Printer Vista Disapears

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    This for people having issues with the all in one HP C6180 C7180 Printer disappearing, or the drivers being uninstall from windows vista, why I don’t know but this what fix it for me.

    First you have to make sure your hp dirver’s are working fine. i.e if you can’t find your printer first you have to install the software again.
    second go to start, type “services” and hit ENTER. Hit “continue” when prompted. Then find the “HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service”. Right click it, you will see a small menu appear, hit “stop”, if “stop” is greyed out, don’t bother just go on to the next step. Right click the “HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service” again and select “properties”. a window will open, under the “General” tab, find the “startup type” and select “disabled”. Reboot and voila, your printer software will NOT disappear anymore when your Vista “wakes” up from sleep and you will no more get the error message: “svchost.exe_HPSLPSVC” stopped working.

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