I love my Macbook :)

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    Yes people I try a macbook i got from ebay cheap lol asz fuck all it needed was a new Hard drive hehehe
    Core 2 Duo 2.0GHZ
    DVD/CDRW combo
    Leopard 10.5.6
    And man i though i would never stop using pcs, but people ya got to try macs is much faster and simple yet powerful.

    I love my Mac

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    Try to install dos on tofay’s pc hardware and see how fast it is.
    Basicaly a computer that does nothing is fast.
    If you need to write an e-mail do some image editing or surfe the web it’s ok, but try to find games or other software then you screwed. Nobody even count Mac users, even virus programers.

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    🙂 ah that’s one thing i am not into games, and the fact they don’t make much vruses for macs is a great thing, even thou my school gives us norton for mac but it’strue there aint much viruses for macs. but man you have to try it and i mean for more then a week to see what I mean. Liek this what I did
    I got a mac, then i was like fuck this i getting a laptop with vista, but then I started missing the mac, sold the laptop and got another mac ehehhe and the more I use it the more I love it. It’s jsut hard to explain is liek being with a girl that you just love and you really don’t know why :dave:

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    I guess vb programming is over for you locohacker, as far as I know the only way to program a vb app on a mac would be to use a emulator or something, you could ofcause learn C, C++ ect.. that might take awhile… I agree with chike, macs are good for basic everyday users with multimedia in mind, but when it comes tot he real apps and games Pc’s are the only way to go, except for graphic programs like photoshop as it was originally made for the mac and there for proforms slightly better

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    Na, I still have a desktop wit XP Pro to keep programming in vb :swift: There some oter languages similar to vb on macs, but I stay with VB for now cause school soon I ill be going to grad school and that shit is hell 🙂

    And man I am telling ya try a mac for a week then ya guys decided, is more then just basics is ho i feels how it works, but then gain its might be just me and my crazy feelings lol

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    What programs are you talking about, and exactly how many of the millions of programs do you use day in and out….


    MS Office 2008, NeoOffice, OpenOffice

    All Adobe programs

    Apples own programs

    NOTHING beats iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, iDVD for basic video production, but if you want professional…you have Final Cut Pro. Microsoft Movie Maker is a joke.

    You can run some PC games in WINE, or you can use an emulator, or you can dual boot into Windows for a naitive Windows Laptop.

    There are reasons to use Windows…if you should have custom apps that are Windows only…you have some options….Run it on a spare Windows box and connect using RDC, Run in emulation, or dual boot.

    I have done so much to automate our day in and day out stuff with Unix scripts. Just about everything in the GUI can be scripted.

    The ability to just WORK and forget about the OS or machine….is priceless…

    I can talk like this, because I support 7500 OSX machines, and 1000 Windows XP machines.

    We have 5 (FIVE) technicians to support all that. The imaging system I use to deploy is 100% freeware and uses all Apple technologies under the Hood.

    So….too many people get caught up in all the FUD….ALL the software, the games blah blah blah blah…..

    What software do you really use? You want games….get a Playstation….

    Yes, Windows machines and OSX have their purposes, especially depending on the Job you need to do. I use both….I prefer OSX for both my use and my parents use.

    Tell me what software you need…and I am talking REALLY need……


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    O almost forgot. You can also try mono to run .NET apps in Linux/OSX etc…



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    I have office 2008 and runs great, one thign thou photoshop cs2 is mad slow on leopard but I found out is that it wasnt made for the core duos that cs3 is much faster :swift:

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