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If you got problems with paltalk web client read this

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    well since some peeps got some problems with web client paltalk which you can tryout here

    I found this tips to help u out 🙂

    General Installation Instructions

    You close the Paltalk client when you are going to use Web Client. If you have Paltalk running there is a good chance that the installation will fail or perhaps require you to reboot your computer. If after installing web client you find that you are still having problems follow these steps:

    1. download the uninstaller found at and save it to your desktop
    2. reboot your computer
    3. run the uninstaller you saved to your desktop
    4. load the web client web page again and say ok to any security warnings from Paltalk

    This should give you a clean installation of Web Client.
    Browser Security Settings

    Because Paltalk Web Client is entirely based on Microsoft’s ActiveX control technology, we recommend using Internet Explorer. Web Client may work with other browsers, but Paltalk will only provide technical support for Internet Explorer.

    In general your browser security settings can be set to medium in Internet Explorer. Check the security tab in Internet Options to verify this. If after setting your browsers security level to medium and you still have security issues then click the Custom Level button to view each individual security setting. Your browser must be set for the following security options:

    1. Download Signed ActiveX Controls – Prompt
    2. Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins – Enable
    3. Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting – Enable
    4. Java Permisions – High Safety
    5. Launching Programs and Files in an IFrame – Prompt
    6. Active Scripting – Enable

    Security Warning

    Paltalk Web Client is packaged in a signed installation file. In order to install Web Client you must click Yes on the Security Warning dialog that pops up after the setup file is downloaded.

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