Is It Possible to Create Apps For Other Chats? Any Ideas?

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    I have a few Friends and Members of our forum who is working as Staff and Helping out 2 to 3 different Chats Software.. Some with Beyluxe and some at CrownIM. And a few at another Chat called Palit or something… The Newly Chats has arround 50 to 200 users online daily and have been doing great as a free Chat Software!

    All these guys working as a Support and people arround the Chat Servers are working for free at the moment! It means they dont get money for their help, and I personally think this is a great contribution to help out, And I am supporting the guys working there……

    I was asked a few times, and today If its possible to create an Autogreetor. And I told them last time that I will have to talk to my other colleagues about it, and ask them of their opinion because its not an easy job. Especially when we dont know the Chat Softwares!

    I am here to ask if its really worth the time and efforts to start creating Applications or maybe an AutoGreetor for other Chat Softwares! It could be cool to cover up a few other Chat applcations and I am def in for it. I wanna help out, but I also wanna know if this might give us or myself problems if there is any Laws in the EULA Laws about creating Apps. I really need your opinion and advice about it befor I even start.

    If anyone else wanted to add some IDEAS, then feel free to do it! I am basicly trying to not only Stick with Paltalk but also try to help other Chat Softwares, Only if is easy to handle!

    Many Thanks for reading this notice!

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