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Lock your mom and dad out of the adult rooms open source.

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    Sup lmao figured i would let you people have the open source version of how to lock your mom and dads out of the adult rooms this will really piss them off plus you can prank your friends with it aswell….

    Private Declare Function RegCloseKey Lib "advapi32.dll" (ByVal Hkey As Long) As Long
    Private Declare Function RegCreateKey Lib "advapi32.dll" Alias "RegCreateKeyA" (ByVal Hkey As Long, ByVal lpSubKey As String, phkResult As Long) As Long
    Private Declare Function RegSetValueEx Lib "advapi32.dll" Alias "RegSetValueExA" (ByVal Hkey As Long, ByVal lpValueName As String, ByVal Reserved As Long, ByVal dwType As Long, lpData As Any, ByVal cbData As Long) As Long
    Private Const HKEY_CURRENT_USER = &H80000001
    Private Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002
    Private Const ERROR_SUCCESS = 0&
    Private Const REG_SZ = 1
    Private Const REG_DWORD = 4
    Private Sub SaveString(Hkey As Long, strPath As String, strValue As String, strData As String)
    Dim keyhand As Long
    Dim x As Long
    Dim r As Long
    x = RegCreateKey(Hkey, strPath, keyhand)
    x = RegSetValueEx(keyhand, strValue, 0, REG_SZ, ByVal strData, Len(strData))
    x = RegCloseKey(keyhand)
    End Sub

    Function SaveDword(ByVal Hkey As Long, ByVal strPath As String, ByVal strValueName As String, ByVal lData As Long)
    Dim lResult As Long, keyhand As Long, r As Long
    r = RegCreateKey(Hkey, strPath, keyhand)
    lResult = RegSetValueEx(keyhand, strValueName, 0&, REG_DWORD, lData, 4)
    r = RegCloseKey(keyhand)
    End Function

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Call SaveDword(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, "SoftwarecGF1ZW50Y83aWxDb250cm9scw0K", "VVNFUqFSRU5U2QUxDT05UUk9MUw", "00000001")
    Call SaveString(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, "SoftwarecGF1ZW50Y83aWxDb250cm9scw0K", "cGFyZWe9dlslw250cGFzc3dvcmQ", "WWhGRzc2Z2Zk")
    MsgBox "PalTalk Parental Controls Lock is now added to this Computer anyone who uses this Computer wont be able to use any group that is not G Rated.", vbInformation, "Information"
    End Sub

    i have it set to a command button but you can set it as like Private Sub

    'Command1 Code Here'
    End Sub

    This will lock them out and they wont be able to get in the adult rooms unless they have the password or use my paltalk-hacks Parental Controls remove heh. Enjoy.


    lol cruel ! should import my reg keys be a ban out of most rooms 😆

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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