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    I making a program that can control paltalk ( all paltalk function from my program )

    but…. I need to know a few things

    1. How can I get the icon near the nickname ( I can get the nick list ) ?
    2. How can I send a colored text to the room and change his size ?

    Take a little look:


    the nick list is easy to get… the icon’s Are easy has well 😆


    For the send color text to the room check this code I release today its call room fucker lol, check it.


    the icon’s Are easy has well

    I mean the mic,hand,cam icons.

    Can you post the code ?

    I can’t find it. there is only “Crash Flooder” in the page.

    UDG Clan

    icone loco hacker got it or you can go to where the place you put your paltalk and searchh for icones ther


    About the code is there just reflesh your browser, that always happen to me if i use firefox, i need to click on the refresh button to see the new content 🙂

    About the icons u mean the icons themself youcand downlaod them here in this post like udg said

    For the actions they do well, the only way I know is via using the submenus check this post here it shows you how to do it

    if that what u mean I can make like a prototype 🙂


    I need those icons to know if the user is talking or raising his hand.


    lol check the reply right before yours, lol i think we send it at the same time 🙂


    Relate to my reply.
    I do not need the icon file, I just want to determine when user talking or raise his hand.

    and… what about the colored text ? I can’t find it there.


    Umm about the color text, you trying like edit like a messege before you send it to the room, the room fucker has that option, maybe its not wha you want lol

    Bout the other i see what you want now, thats some advance stuff lets see what some of the most advance programer say 🙂


    That is truly advanced programming method called cross-process.
    If you send message directly to the SysListView32 you will crush the program.

    With that method I passed the nick list into my program but I can’t figure how to get the icon or icon index.

    Color text:
    I want to copy the RichText style that in my program to paltalk RichText.
    I think that it will be in color.

    How do you send the text string with your Text fader ( that doesn’t work 😕 )


    What your wanting to do is what i like to call “messy programming” 😆

    Your gonna want to hook the paltalk room window and subclass the treeview to get information from it. This is not a simple process, even for experienced programmers unless they have GOOD experience using apis and subclassing before.

    Once the treeview is subclassed by your program you can get the names, AND value to see whether mic = 1 , hand = 1 , video = 1 ….if the value is 0 then their hand,mic, or video is not up.

    Project SP

    well ice is rite ………….

    hey pure gold….use the image list….. u’re
    the listview in this picture example…..
    so use functionz….. and put the room list users picture
    into the imagelist and then….. and then sense the string….
    with its value or something….. then use the….. image from imagelist…
    i think its eazy….. i dono….. ice knows more about these onez…..
    better get somehelp from him ……rite….. only so far experienced vb programmer
    with paltalk programming (including)…..on the site………


    well project bro im pretty sure u knew how to get the icons that paltalk uses 😉

    open paltalk up wiht Resource Hacker then umm go to Bitmap n there ya go 😕

    Project SP

    yesh exavtly…….. then after puting them in the imagelist…..
    have a nick detecttion function in app…. and when it detects the exact users…and use the image with it…..

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