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    Soon my beta version will reveal 8)

    Main Functions:

    * Fade text ( 2 colors Working like CoolText!!!!! ) + Normal text
    * Get full member list ( Count + Name )
    * Get room title, body text
    * AutoDetect URL in text
    * Favorites Remover
    * Hold mic with Global HotKey
    * Switch mixer mod ( Mic -> Wav, Wav -> Mic ) by Global HotKey
    * Auto repeat text ( by timer or by text response )
    * Compatibale with Paltalk 5 + Paltalk Messenger 7

    And more…………..

    I do not know if the beta version will be free. Let me sleep on it 🙄


    Almost done.

    Final Demo version will release at the end of the week ( I hope 🙂 )


    soon u need to update lol


    lol, for real 🙂 but yo it looks great man, nice 🙂


    If you talking about the WTLSplitterWindow ATL:004Dxxxx that always changes, I have solution that do not need source code change.


    Can you share it lol 😉 cause its a pain in the ass updating programs all the time lol


    nah wasn;t talking about that lol
    talking about paltalk will upgrade to final version 😛

    UDG Clan

    no soultion wll get off paltalk updating man


    dude share you systreeview32 function with us, i have been wanting to work out how to do it for ages i have read many forums on the topic but i still can’nt get to grips with it…


    well i think this prgmj is a waiste of time, it has basic options that no one really needs, room counter, all that shyt hahaha


    @Pure-Gold wrote:

    I making a program that can control paltalk ( all paltalk function from my program )

    but…. I need to know a few things

    1. How can I get the icon near the nickname ( I can get the nick list ) ?
    2. How can I send a colored text to the room and change his size ?

    Take a little look:

    This shit of crap still isn’t done yet? not like your making a operating system i agree with sk8er here waste of coding and time.


    why have q prgm that u dun use, alls i does is room count, show emmbers ina box, has the icons, thats about it, oy heah it shows the room name, u can get all that with a click of a pt button, did this thing win the contest cause it is definatly not worthit


    i wonder when this program will be released?can not wait to try it.Thanks

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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