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    Good evening ..

    It’s so Simple lol

    1. Download and Install NOX From
    2. Download and do not Install hotspot shield android
    3. Download and do not Install Official Paltalk APK
    4. After Installing NOX You will get 2 shortcut in your Desktop Multi-Drive and NOX..
    5. Run Nox from Multidrive
    6. On the bottom creat your Emulators ..
    7. Run them one by one
    8. Drag and Drop Official Paltalk APK and hotspot shield android APK inside NOX
    9. Install Them on each Emulator you created
    10. Open Paltalk .. Connect .. and go to the room

    For any Question .. Add me in Paltalk ==> TUNISIE

    Or Visit My Room ==> TUNISIE Cyclone Golden Club

    That’s aLL


    If it’s Work for you .. Put comment here.. Thank you

    Just Follow the video ..


    Luv You aLL  😀




    updated video ..


    Nox (App) is probably the Most Reliable Android Emulator ever build in my Opinion.

    I dont think Beyluxe has Released an Android Version yet, But Paltalk and Camfrog should work fine in Nox! I am sure soon Paltalk will stop Access from Nox App just like they have one with other Android Emulators.

    Great Job btw!


    September 15 I uploded the video on YT.  September 17, Paltalk has partially blocked Nox, and completely blocked Hotspot Shield.

    With Nox can still connect with 3 nickname in the same room


    Best Regards

    LuV U


    good job


    Hello Everyone ..

    Uninstall previous version of NOX, remove all components, install NOX v3.8.0.0 , and it’s work again.

    Important : Never run Paltalk in NOX without VPN.

    Best Regards

    MrAlone –


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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