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MrAlone PaLTaLK Ads BloCker 2015

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    This is the Updated one ..



    After used your PaLTaLK Ads BloCker, I don’t believe how it’s IMPORTANT your program.

    This method will BLOCK all advertisement website such as,

    Everyone need to use it EVEN you have color nickname. Your computer NEVER see that kind of website or NEVER see the content of Paltalk’ Ads when using black nick.  –>  YOU ARE SAFE

    I also make another program like MrAlone but ALLOW update when paltalk has new web advertisement

    You can see more detail at:     

    Thanks MrAlone.


    Very good. I tested out your program, it looks like it updated my host file with following:


    Very Good Job Guys.

    I  was also using the hosts file method for almost 2 years. I am Batch geek so I did it all through a Batch file.

    But then I figured out new Ads Links would appear on Paltalk Ads.  I got really exhausted changing the hosts file each and every time and in most cases it blocked very important sites I was visited.  Until I found Departures BnP Ads Killer and I then start using that. But then we made the Ads Killer (For All Paltalk Builds) that works exactly like Departures BnP Killer and it has been very helpfull and a lot better than the Hostfile method.

    Ps, I still have all my old Batch Projects from the old days when I was using the hosts file method. If anyone needed my Old Project Files including the complete Batch Scripts and the VBS files for  (Administrator Privileges) then I have no Problems sharing it. Just send me a PM.

    Here is the Hosts file I was using back then:

    # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
    #       localhost
    #    ::1             localhost localhost 19.142.13/

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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