MultiPal with Balool inside READY (1Click Install) ChiNa-Man

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    This is ChiNa-Multi Paltalk with integrated Balool 1.0, everything is ready for install.

    Many of you guys had trouble installing Balool 1.0 with Paltalk.
    Befor you all had to go to Im-integration and download both to make it work.
    Now Balool and Paltalk is in same directory, you just need to run the Plugins manualy, and you are done.

    Install or run the ChiNa-Pal setup file.
    1 = Go to Paltalk Folder, Usualy C:Program FilesPaltalk Messenger
    2 = Run or execute “Balool.exe” and “Plugin.exe” files both separately.
    3 = You are finished,

    Now Start your paltalk.exe file or ChiNaPal ViP file on your desktop, Ur Done!
    Now if you start Paltalk you can see the Balool Menu on the TOP RIGHT CORNER,
    which means ChiNa-Pal and Balool is installed corectly.

    ChiNa-Multi Paltalk with Build 389 with Balool 1.0

    Dont forget to install Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 to make Balool run correctly.!
    Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1!

    By ChiNa-Man / ChiNa-Boy!

    By the way pleaes notice:
    All the credit goes to Balool moderators and developer team.
    Im-integration and Dutchplace and ofcs Palol and the whole team behind it.

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