MusicBot Online For Paltalk 11.x

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    The MusicBot

    MusicBot Playing Song Online & Offline

    link download :

    1 Open It

    2 Connect To Paltalk Room

    3 Click Play


    Command in Bot ( Click Tab Setting > Edit Command) And Read

    !f, !s: (find, search)
    !amk: (add & mark)
    !m: next page
    !sk: skipped song
    !ver: about musicbot
    !mk: add song to favorite
    !rm + id delete song requested
    !st: check song playing
    !af: add random song favorite
    !fav: favorite song
    !pl: playlist song
    !n: nextsong
    !l: limited
    !c: check request
    !us: check user
    !t: check time
    !unmk: delete mk
    !replay replay 1 song
    !repeat + number
    !copyfav copy favorite from nick
    !sendfav send favorite to nick
    !adcopyfav admin copyfav
    !bn on set song name banner
    !bn off off song name banner
    !online set status online
    !away set status away
    !dnd set status dnd
    !onlmsg + message set to nick
    !awaymsg + message set to nick
    !dndmsg+ message set to nick
    !banne messenger
    !nj on nojump mic
    !nj off
    !mute all
    !badword on
    !badword off
    !vu volume up
    !vd volume down
    ~dl download song playing
    !bot off
    !bot on
    !upgrade + Ten Ca Si
    !delete song HDD
    !info media
    !add admin
    !add super
    !add owner
    !remove all topsong
    !getfav +nick
    !playfav + nick
    !remove song fav
    !remove all song favorite
    !remove me
    !mark me


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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