My perfect woman

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    /laughs at justins jealousy issues
    /takes your car.
    /gets mark to rape you

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    Better watch out, Justin is good at running people over as we know from his stories he tells .. ROFL oh my gawsh

    Justin remind me to never walk infront of your truck 😛


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    Ooo do tell
    /sits down

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    Yea Justin do tell about you runnin over that one guy….. cause I may not have the story straight so you tell 😀

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    well this black kid was all like throwing rocks at my truck and stuff so of course i get pissed off… sooooooo, i decided it would be fun to try to run him over, so i step on the gas and hit his ass. 🙂 and then he falls down

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    ROFL fkin mean ass ;x

    Well I can say honestly I have NEVER ran over anyone hahaa, damn crazy ass 😛

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    /touches jenn erotically while you is driving

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    /opens door and throws your ass out 🙂

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    …. no..
    Your not in car.
    we is running you over as i erotically touch jenn, thus disturbing her driving, thus running you over.

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    OH my!

    I couldnt ever run over anyone, especially Justin. I’d feel so bad if you made me run over him even it if were an accident. 🙁

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    k fine,
    /replaces justin with.. uhhh.
    DJ gangster.
    /puts justin back into sack
    /puts sack in box
    /puts box in closet
    /puts said closet/house closet is in into large warehouse.
    /puts tarp over said house
    /puts tarp over said warehouse
    /makes a pyramid around said warehouse
    /covers pyrimad with sad, (like t3h effects of a few millions of years sitting in a desert)
    /puts Dirt/livable land/trees and pretty stuff on said sand.
    /Builds a mac help center on said land,(y’know. the sexy all glass box’s)
    /timemachines 5000+ years
    /a few more layers of world has been added over said macshop,

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    @pr0tekk wrote:

    /steps back in, pushes ghost out, closes door. locks door.

    /sees that the door is locked and ghost can’t get in
    /uses ghost’s dead as a hammer to break the door’s window 😆

    /protek you didn’t tell me the door wasn’t with a window did ya?


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    haha, yay now he can get back in 🙂

    and Jake thats alot of shit hahaa

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    /rapes Justin because Jake made me
    /laughs at Justin’s jealousy issues along with Jake
    /laughs again at Justin running a nigger over with his truck
    /wishes he was here when everyone was having as huge orgy and taking turns touching Jenn without him
    /goes and curls up in the corner and cuts himself like a little emocidal kid
    /looks at Jesus and thinks. “I have/had a dead?”
    /slaps Jenn with the following pic:

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    hahaha, nice pic there Mark.

    Thats great too bad it isnt TRUE. 🙂

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