MyPass Recovery & Decryption Tool (Need Advice For Release)

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    MyPass Recovery Tool

    For Other Parts : Credits to Sutton2k9

    Hi everyone,

    I am really glad and thankfull for all the support and help each and everyone have showen on here durring the months and years. And your help and support is one of the reasons why I wanted to share my VIP tool on here.Its a Password Recovery Tool for Paltalk Messenger, and I have also added a Password Decryption Tool on it! I think only Departure have made one as this befor, so my respect and credits to him. I dont want Paltalk Users/Members nore our forum members to abuse this Tool!

    So befor I share it , I need your professional advice on its release, and if I should Remove the Decryption tool and only Share the “Password Recovery” Tool or both at the same time! Thank you very much in advance!

    I was promoted to Site-Admin today, (THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND TRUST LOCOHACKER). I need your desicion and help befor releasing this tool. And I may be asking you guys for advice in future as your friend, student and as a brother, because I am still very new, and I dont wanna take any descisions alone on here! Thank you

    ===================== MyPass Recovery 1.1 Released =======================

    MyPass Recovery 1.1 Released:

    It was a bit too late to take Locohacker and my friends final desicion in my product. Sorry for that!!
    Because I already made a new Version of the MyPass Recovery Tool (With No Pass Decryption), plus all the other Options Added as befor!

    Gets Away Messages (By Typing the Nickname)

    Get Away Messages by a click on a button, or simply Double click on the usernames found in the LISTBOX!

    Gets Installed Paltalk Ver Info

    Get Current Info for the Installed Paltalk Version on your computer, Inclusive Currrent User.

    Notice: If one of the nicknames does not contain an AWAY MESSAGE, you will then get an error and will have to start over!

    Which options are added?

    Password Finder – Recovery Tool (Grabs all your Nicknames & Passwords)
    Gets all Paltalk Nicknames
    Gets all USERID’s of your nicknames
    Gets Login Counts
    Gets Away Message (Double Click on Usernames & Or Add in TextBox and Click (Get Away Message))

    Info Box:
    Show Current Nickname/Username
    Show Current Paltalk Build
    Show Current Country
    Paltalk Host IP
    Paltalk Host Port

    Download from The Attachments Below:


    I think its a great program, you should put the decryption for a vip version cause I almost sure some people will abuse the program 😀 but than again those that use programs for bad stuff always find a way :sn:


    Thank you Locohacker (Bro) I am going to separate them very soon and put it out for release!
    Thanks a lot for your great advice!

    I am open for any other advice to be taken in my final desicion!


    Umm, but than again people need to be in the same HD so even if they have decryption it wouldn’t be a problem 😉 so it’s okay to leave it as is, I think 🙄


    hi bro 🙁 Sorry I think its a bit too late! I already made a new version and Released it!

    But true the product can only Grap Passwords And Decrypt them with HDD Serial! Else it wont be able to do it! Thats how its done to Recover or Decrypt a Paltalk Password! Thanks a lot for the Advice bro Loco and Thanks a lot for following up on this thread bro!


    Dev & Info Section:


    damn you fast lol but that’s cool it still great program 😉


    @locohacker wrote:

    damn you fast lol but that’s cool it still great program 😉

    😀 Thanks bro, Maybe because I had a good teacher like you 😀 So I became fast 😀

    Ps, Thanks for adding it for our Downloads Section (Now that was fast bro) 😀


    very good program 😀

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