Need info on Paltalk protocol.

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    I am trying to create a Paltalk-compatable open-source client, which will allow connections to the Paltalk network using systems like Gaim and Trillian, with full audio and video support.

    I’ve been talking a lot to the guy who developed the Gaim plugin for the Paltalk network. He’s provided me with some great information and right now it seems like audio and text support should be very possible.

    The sticking point is video. I have had a lot of trouble finding information on the Paltalk video codec. All I have been able to deduce so far is that it is based on mpeg-4 avc, but it does not seem to be directly compatable with the h.264 standard.

    If anybody has any information reguarding the paltalk protocol in general and especially the video codec, I would really appreciate the informatiion.



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