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    Well I being thinking bout changing the domain name for a while cause I want to try new things 🙂 in the feuture, maybe lol and people always bugging me cause they think since the site says hacker we all hackers lol

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    I liked the site more how it was before with fixed width.
    What did you do? upgraded?
    Note there’s an icon missing in the IMPORTANT forum.

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    You have to change the width on the themes unde style 🙂
    ah lol aigh i gonna chek why is not showing tomorrow, and if ya guys find any more errors put it now time to rest :swift:

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    Ah I though ya like the medium width, lol man is that when the width takes 100% cause is bugs me lol dont know why

    Sorry bout the prev reply I was half at sleep lol :swift:

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    Like this it’s the best

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    Lol good hehhehe, and how bout the domain now is not all about me lol :mrgreen:

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    i see, new domain… o well


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    wasupppppppp, man cant wait for suffer I am tire of this damn cold, I was bout to move back to my Caribbean lol

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    🙁 Its the same story with our forum,, Just because of the CHEATS in our name, they think we cheat and hack! But we do the total opposit!

    Even Paltalk Banned our forum name loolz… Not only the domain, but if you time CHINA-CHEATS in paltalk, weather if its in PM, ROOM, or WHISPER… It wont be visible for the other user…

    But as I said, we are the total opposit of CHEATING or HACKING, Our forum TITLE is called “NO HACKING – NO CRACKING” ! If you dont believe me, check our google search –>

    We are also planning to change our name one day, and I already made a topic about it! And we are still waiting for a new domain name that will fit us! Just if you guys wanna know what China-Cheats stand for then here is a short description!

    China-Cheats Means: Doing stuff the best and easiest way! To take a shortcut instead of doing things the hard way! So this is what cheats stands for! And China is only because that we all know Chinese or Asians are clever, and they do things the easiest way! I

    For example. if you buy a TOY for your child these days, or a hair-dryer and turn it arround, On the back of it you will see that it says: Made in China
    Made Taiwan
    Made in Japan

    And they are all build of CRAP stuff and are very poor stuff…and they break after a few days..

    THERE YOU HAVE IT! So we have brought all of this together, and called ourselves CHINA-CHEATS..
    So basicly it means, we do things the CHEAPEST and BEST WAY, but also not sure if it will survive at the end, or for how long it will last! THIS IS WHAT CHINA-CHEATS IS ABOUT!

    Thanks Loco for sharing bro..

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    Seeing as no one has said hi yet Eva I will be the first to welcome you and make you feel at home . Please enjoy the many things this forum has to off and I’m sure others will enjoy what you have to offer like me.

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