New Method To get out of bounces in the new paltalk

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    ok people i try this today so it works lol

    Follow This Steps

    1-First Uninstall paltalk, After u uninstall it go to the place where it first was intall i think for most people will be c:program filespaltalk messenger delete that. also this syxx point out i think :0) look at c: there should be a file call palsound delete that too 🙂

    2-Use an antiban, I use mines in this testing, but u can use Syxx or Ptdevils you can download them here

    3- Change your mac address if you have dsl or cable

    How to do it in windows Xp

    How to do it in windows 98/me

    Or you can use the mac changers you can find them here

    3- Restart your pc

    4- Go to and download paltalk again make sure when u download it is in a different folder then where you download it before, like for example if i have my first paltalk download in My Documents/paltalk I will create a new folder in my documents like My Documents/paltalknew and put the new download there. or just keep on deleting you first download :), why you need a totally new paltalk cause i think they doing some shit if you like have the same paltalk lol I think lol

    5-Now create a new nick and go to the room again. 🙂

    PS: your ip must change, if you dont have dsl cable dont worry, 🙂

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