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New rules about fighting in the forums Survey?

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    Ok peeps this is something I want to ask you guys. The peeps that know me a little, know I dont like putting rules about what you can say or not in the forums, I hate those rules, but the truth is that its getting to a point I see more fighting in the forums thatn we help each other.

    Now this is my Idea, I will delete all post, or move them that are not related to the forums or topic they in, and you cannot post any fighting post in a offtopic thread, but here the trade in, you can fight and say what ever you want in the Speak Your Mind forum lol, and ofcourse this is up to you guys Answer the survey, and in a week when I come back from the vacation, I would do the changes if you guys want it,

    Okie, and peeps dont get mad at me, but I always wanted a forum to help each other not fight with each other 😥

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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