New Sub Categories (Afghanistan) and (Azerbaijan) on Paltalk

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    New Sub Categories Afghanistan and Azerbaijan

    The New Sub Categories on Paltalk

    Finally. After Years of requests through Paltalk, the Afghan Users and Users from Azerbaijan on Paltalk got a Sub Category for their Countries!

    A Big Thanks mostly to the great CO-ADMINs of Paltalk who ere the first person to give us their opinion about 2 new Sections on Paltalk. And all we could do was to wait for an approval!

    And Finally 3 days go ago I got the news that the new Sub Category for Afghanistan and Azerbaijan has been Approved and may show up on Paltalk very soon!

    Yesterday we got the BIG NEWS, that the Sub Categories Afghanistan and Azerbaijan was made and ready for use! I couldnt believe it! A Very happy moment and a very good move for Paltalk!

    A Big Thanks to co-admins and PALTALK for approving this!

    Where to find Sub Categories Afghanistan and Azerbaijan ?[/size]

      – You can find the Sub Category “Afghanistan” in Paltalks Middle East Category. I know that Afghanistan is in ASIA, so we are trying to request a Change from Middle East to Asia! No worries.

    – And for Azerbaijan you can find it in EUROPE Category!

    Congrats to Afghanistan and Azerbaijan!

    Short Notice:

    The section for Azerbaijan could not have been made Without “AZE” and without the HELP of the great CO-ADMINs of Paltalk!

    And for the Sub Category Afghanistan! I dont think either this could happen If I didnt had contacted Paltalk (Co-Admins) myself ChiNa-Man“! I have for 3 years made requests and sent votes to Paltalk without any answers! I even had a room open for a month and added a FEEDBACK link to Paltalk, so the Afghan Users could make a Direct Request! And That didnt help either…!

    So Today, I feel really proud and happy to have achieved this great goal! Many thanks Paltalk And the CO Admins!

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