No more Paltalk Program Contest :(

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    Ok people dont get mad 🙂 but I need all the money I can get cause the baby and all, So no more paltalk contest 😥 for now tyl I see how things goes.



    hehe, I understand your situation… I think there is no need for it, because paltalk is such a boring program and I turned from making program only for paltalk to making programs for Yahoo and MSN

    so will you make a MSN & Yahoo contest? lol just joking


    lol true paltalk is boring as hell now, and i try yahoo, yo that shit is nice 🙂 i might go more to yahoo now, when i have the time 🙂


    Wuw, This topic was made in 2005 😀 , I was 22 years old .. hahah …

    This will be back hopefully Guys with some awesome contest……We need to support the forum and see if we could get a Donation Plugin! Now I can see this topic is 8 years old, and I am pretty sure that in all these years these amazing developers have been doing all this for free!

    Maybe its about time that WE as users and members of this forum would start showing some more support by at least donating a few Dollars! I just started a contest on my forum and honestly from Janurary month till now which is MAY, We have had upto 400 Dollars in Donations, and honestly we do not help as much as ImFiles does. Ofcourse we might have a better traffic, but not when it comes to help and support!

    Crossing my fingers for the Donations…… And I will be the first to Donate if Locohacker gets us the Addon! 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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