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    its been 8-9 weeks a new chat program called Openltalk (I found it in out, and everything is free with more features than paltalk. Although its a new program and there are only few room categories at the moment. It’s very similar to paltalk. I am curious how they are gonna do, against chat magnat Paltalk.
    anybody knows about this new stuff, write your comments pls


    I have been looking for something like this for awhile now, inspeak does’nt do it for me, but this one has promise.

    As with any chat program, its really hard to start up with limited users, Paltalk has the upper hand on this because what makes paltalk so good is the ammount of users they have asstablished. I have seen heaps of programs that blow paltalk out of the water with there features, no spyware ad ware ect… but paltalk has always had the ammount of users to keep it going. But these days the ammount of crap paltalk is putting into there setup is rubbish, The download now sits at 8.8mb because of that stupid ass google crap included,

    Im liking OpenTalk with its 1.7mb setup file, Good find!!


    Heres A screen shot of me drawing some shit in the room, The drawing feature is pretty cool, Sound is excellent, video is very good, no complaints about OpenTalk and I can see it getting even better after it comes out of the beta stage


    ah looks cool, have u try making programs for it or checkign the api to see if it’s easy to make programs for it
    brw this is the link to the site


    Yes programs For OpenTalk is easyer to make than paltalk, So i think im going to start making programs for OpenTalk, I Know not many people use OpenTalk right now but atleast i will be able to follow the beta’s throught untill it hits final version and then it will pick up more users,

    The program has been coded with delphi (just like inspeak) and the OpenTalk.exe has been packed with a modifyed version UPX exe packer, I have already attempted to unpack it but with out any success, So i have a to try and dump the image instead, after its unpacked i can take a look inside with a resource hacker, and because it is delphi code there are decompliers for delphi which would give me most of the source code to OpenTalk….

    The hacking protental here is unbelivable and should be fun doing in the process


    i have that open talk, but when i go to register is says i have 13 nick names registed WTF.

    then says contact them for a new form or some shit like that.

    it looks like a fun program LMFAO @ that pic

    D J_GaNGsTeR



    ur right…who cares…so stfu


    opentalk must be down cant login and there webpage anit up for a update.


    nice program,even better than paltalk but there are very few people there…will it be more people there soon?what do u think about it? 😮


    damn … the software has too much crayon and graphics … looks gay though …

    i hven’t try it yet … but i’m definitely try it tonight …hahahah


    The support staff are assholes,


    It’s Another Paltalk 🙂 Same kinda staff….check this out ya-yo…

    The IP Look up

    on the server shows there hosting at…

    OrgName: Vrtservers, Inc
    OrgID: VRTSE
    Address: 650 S. Grand Ave #301 Los Angeles, CA, 90017 USA
    City: Los Angeles
    StateProv: CA
    PostalCode: 90017
    Country: US

    After going to and searching for “Vrtservers, Inc” i find out there hosting there check out the server you can pick from..

    Celeron 2.4 Ghz 512 MB 80 GB 1200 GB 10 Mbps $59.00 $0.00

    Thats the basic plain now 60 bucks a month? fuck i could afford that lol…. if i only had someone good with making a client…


    lol there website isnt even there anymore, and the program download from is out of date and doesnt work cause it says you need to upgrade. what a professional company they must be ot let this happen.

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