Paltalk 10.2 Programming Updates

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    I gonna put the paltalk 10.2 codes here updates, I having an issue that programs wont work in color rooms at the first try, like you need to close and open the rooms again for them to work.

    Check the codes and any suggestions can be posted here 🙂

    Paltalk Greeter 2006 any pal 8 or 9vb102sc

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    ty for share Loco.
    is not working turkish paltalk 10.2 build 438 🙁 sourcecode and greeter
    why ?

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    Good work loco , thank you
    i need NickGet and GetListviewItem update code please

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    nalet, did u try closing and opening the room again, cause im having an issue with that ❓
    Light the code to getnick is this now

    Function NickGet()
    Dim dlggroupchatwindowclass As Long, splitterwindowex As Long, classcpanecontainerex As Long
    Dim atlffdd As Long, syslistview As Long
    dlggroupchatwindowclass = FindWindow("dlggroupchat window class", Form1.Combo1.Text)
    splitterwindowex = FindWindowEx(dlggroupchatwindowclass, 0&, "splitterwindowex", vbNullString)
    splitterwindowex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "splitterwindowex", vbNullString)
    splitterwindowex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "splitterwindowex", vbNullString)
    splitterwindowex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "splitterwindowex", vbNullString)
    splitterwindowex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "splitterwindowex", vbNullString)
    classcpanecontainerex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "classcpanecontainerex", vbNullString)
    If classcpanecontainerex = 0 Then
    cwndmembertree = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "cwndmembertree", vbNullString)
    syslistview = FindWindowEx(cwndmembertree, 0&, "syslistview32", vbNullString)
    classcpanecontainerex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, classcpanecontainerex, "classcpanecontainerex", vbNullString)
    atlffdd = GetWindow(classcpanecontainerex, GW_CHILD)
    syslistview = FindWindowEx(atlffdd, 0&, "syslistview32", vbNullString)
    End If
    Call GetListviewItem(syslistview)
    End Function

    But we still having issues lol as u can see :dave:

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    ty Loco , i am testing …
    image =
    i am incompetent :altay:

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    Thank you for your interest loco. 🙂
    What’s wrong with this code?
    please ❓

    Public Function MessageCrossProcess(ByVal hwnd As Long)
    Dim lProcID As Long
    Dim hProc As Long
    Dim lxprocLVITEM As Long
    Dim lItemPos As Long
    GetWindowThreadProcessId hwnd, lProcID ' Get the process ID in which the ListView is running
    If lProcID 0 Then
    hProc = OpenProcess(PROCESS_VM_OPERATION Or PROCESS_VM_READ Or PROCESS_VM_WRITE, False, lProcID) ' make sure we have read write permissions in the process space
    If hProc 0 Then
    lxprocLVITEM = VirtualAllocEx(hProc, 0, LenB(LVITEM), MEM_RESERVE Or MEM_COMMIT, PAGE_READWRITE) ' Grab enough memory in the other procedure's space to hold our LV_ITEM
    ' Set up our local LV_ITEM to change the selected item
    LVITEM.state = True
    LVITEM.stateMask = LVIS_SELECTED Or LVIS_FOCUSED ' Just enforcing the selection better than in original version by moving the focus as well
    ' Copy the local LV_ITEM into the space we reserved in the foreign process
    WriteProcessMemory hProc, ByVal lxprocLVITEM, ByVal VarPtr(LVITEM), LenB(LVITEM), 0
    ' Now send the message, but pass the address of the copy of our LV_ITEM that now exists in the foreign process instead of our local version
    ' Aigh Peeps this wha you need to change in order to higlight the item you want :)
    lItemPos = Form1.Text8.text ' first item
    SendMessage hwnd, LVM_SETITEMSTATE, lItemPos, ByVal lxprocLVITEM
    ' Clean up
    VirtualFreeEx hProc, ByVal lxprocLVITEM, LenB(LVITEM), MEM_RELEASE
    CloseHandle hProc
    End If
    End If
    End Function


    Doesnt work

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    :altay: i see now

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    light so ya got it working ❓

    nalet I gonna chek it more next week, cause Im still having the issue, it still works with the black room is the color ones thats having the issue 🙄

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    The program doesnt work the first time
    I need to close and open the rooms again to work

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    Thanks Loco it working but as you mentioned you have to close the room and reopen to work in colored room! ty

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    😀 😀

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    hi locohacker,
    can you post the updated source for the admin bot?

    thanks alot!

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    express here the code, but I updated the way to connect to the room, I use the combo box like the others program, so test it out I havent done much testing 😀

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    Thank you very much loco you are Genius 😀

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    Lol why thank lol, and hey download it again cause I working on the room combo box connection and it had a bug, so get it again 🙂

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