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    K since paltalk has make it so that programs that use to work for both black and color rooms don’t work I updating the programs :mrgreen: so check up in here to see the new updates, and post any issues :pb:


    good ,
    thank you locohacker.


    You r Welcome 🙂 and peeps I just uploaded admin bot, and pretty sure got some bugs hehehe maybe not, anyhow if anyone trys it tell me of any issues up in here thanks 🙂


    Hi loco i Tested funtext and PAB 10.2 & MB10.2 don’t work on room Green 🙄 but its work on room blue 😆 funtext i updated :p


    lol ah when it dont seem to work, close the room and open it again, see if that makes it work 🙂 cause it happen to me too and i have to close and open the room again 🙂


    ah Loco i find down a little trick :d check the atl alt <<< i updated funtext work for both room green and blue 😉

    The code work for both all rooms updated by Loco ,String and myself :d
    Sub RoomSend(Text As String)
    Dim iHnd As Long
    Dim parent, child, splitterwindowex As Long, classcpanecontainerex As Long, atlffdd As Long
    Dim atl As Long, atlaxwin As Long, x As Long
    Dim start_pos&, end_pos&, txt_len&
    On Error Resume Next

    parent = FindWindow(“DlgGroupChat Window Class”, Form1.Combo1.Text)
    child = FindWindowEx(parent, 0, “SplitterWindowEx”, vbNullString)
    child = FindWindowEx(child, 0, “SplitterWindowEx”, vbNullString)
    child = FindWindowEx(child, 0, “SplitterWindowEx”, vbNullString)
    child = FindWindowEx(child, 0, “SplitterWindowEx”, vbNullString)

    ””””’ This in place of option button code”””””””””””””””’
    classcpanecontainerex = FindWindowEx(child, 0&, “classcpanecontainerex”, vbNullString)

    If classcpanecontainerex = 0 Then
    atl = GetWindow(child, GW_Child)
    atlffdd = GetWindow(classcpanecontainerex, GW_Child)
    atl = GetWindow(atlffdd, GW_Child)
    End If
    atl = GetWindow(atl, GW_HWNDNEXT)
    atl = FindWindowEx(atlffdd, 0&, “atl:00900098”, vbNullString)
    atl = FindWindowEx(atl, 0, “atlaxwin90”, vbNullString)
    atl = FindWindowEx(atl, 0, “#32770”, vbNullString)
    iHnd = FindWindowEx(atl, 0, “richedit20w”, vbNullString)
    iHnd = FindWindowEx(atl, iHnd, “richedit20w”, vbNullString)
    txt_len& = SendMessage(iHnd, WM_GETTEXTLENGTH, 0, 0)
    ‘Copy Text that has been typed in if any
    If txt_len& > 0 Then ‘ don’t need all this if user not typing
    ‘disable editing, may not be needed
    Call EnableWindow(iHnd, 0)
    ‘save user selection / cursor position
    Call SendMessage(iHnd, EM_GETSEL, ByVal VarPtr(start_pos&), ByVal VarPtr(end_pos&))
    ‘ select all text and cut
    Call SendMessage(iHnd, EM_SETSEL, 0, ByVal txt_len&)
    Call SendMessage(iHnd, WM_CUT, 0, 0)
    End If
    Call SendMessageSTRING(iHnd, WM_SETTEXT, 0&, Text$)
    Call SendMessageLong(iHnd, WM_KEYDOWN, 13, 0&)
    ‘Send any typing back to box
    If txt_len& > 0 Then
    ‘ text box is empty, paste saved text
    Call SendMessage(iHnd, WM_PASTE, 0, 0)
    ‘ restore selection / cursor position
    Call SendMessage(iHnd, EM_SETSEL, start_pos&, ByVal end_pos&)
    ‘enable editing
    Call EnableWindow(iHnd, 1)
    End If

    oh crap lolz sorry ist time i post the code :p


    lol yeps thats what i use for send text too 🙂


    Loco thanks for the great work.

    The new version of scroller 10.2 is NOT working in a green room.

    Also the scroller runs the cpu at 100% this is the same as in 10.1 I was wonder if there is a way to fix this also.


    100% damn lol umm I gonna chek it cause its not suppose to do that, and when you tried it on the green room try closing the room and opening again, I having an issue don’t know why programs are not working if the color room is open lol so I have close them and open them again I’m trying to figure why 🙄


    hello loco , where is the greeter source code , for new version 10.2 build 438.
    pls share.


    The greeter source can be found here. It’s not the updated version, but you can figure out how to update them yourself by looking thru recent threads here on the forum.


    We don’t close the room, I will have to wait until paltalk recycles on Thursday night.

    i tried closing paltalk and reboot my pc but nothing changed.


    ah you dont need to close the room 🙂 eheh all you needed to do is close the room in your pc, but i see it still dont work, I am working in another way cause I think I know why is doing that, check tomorrow so u can try it out 🙂

    And natet, I be posting the updatied codes here
    if you got other programs the link the string post has what things we updating :swift:
    but I still working on them, I having issues with connecting with color rooms 🙂


    natet 😀


    great tools thanks man

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