Paltalk 11.7 Build 642

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    Paltalk 11.7 Build 642

    Paltalk 642 has been released with not many changes. Everything looks the same. You can read more about the new Changes & Updates about thew New Paltalk build on Main Download Page  (Click Here To Read)

    Programs Are Working

    Our Programs on should work fine with the new Paltalk Build 642 and the previous  Build 640. I am positive that in nearest future Locohacker (Programs Developer) and our Forum Staff  will announce any upcoming changes & updates regarding our Programs and newer Paltalk Builds in future. For now we recommend that you at least use Paltalk Build 640 or Build 642 in order to use our Programs successfully in Paltalk Messenger.

    Report Bugs & Issues: If  you exprience any bugs or issues with our Programs in newer Paltalk Builds, then feel free to comment below or on our main Download Page. Please make sure that you include your current Paltalk Build Number in your reports. Thank you.

    You can read about the new Changes & Updates for Paltalk on’s Main Page (Click Here To Read)

    Download Build 642 from Paltalk:
    Download Build 642 from imFiles:

    Published by China / (Thanks to Pacman for the Update)


    Thanks 🙂

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