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Paltalk 11.7 Build 645

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    Paltalk 11.7 Build 645 Release

    Paltalk Releasing new Builds like never befor. For 4 weeks straight Paltalk has released between one or two Builds Per. Week. Yesterday Paltalk 11.7 Build 645 Released today. Below are the Release notes that we have gathered for Paltalk Version 11.7. You can also Download the Portable version from our Paltalk Portable Forums. Enjoy

    Programs Are Working

    Our Programs on is working fine with the latest Paltalk Build 645 and previous Builds from Build 639 and above. I am positive that in nearest future Admin (Programs Developer) and our Forum Staff will announce any upcoming changes & updates regarding our Programs and newer Paltalk Builds. For now we recommend that you at least use Paltalk Build 640 and in order to use our programs!

    What’s in the new version (Version 11.7):

    * Favorite Rooms has become Rooms I Follow. All rooms you follow on are now listed for easy access
    * Complete 1-on-1 IM history saved on your computer
    * Your status message is automatically set as the room you’re currently in if you’ve enabled the setting in My Paltalk
    * Admin code removed. Now only designated admins can join a room as an admin
    * Improved stability overall
    * Reliability improvements made in connect logic and authentication
    * Multiple Crash fixes
    * Additional quality improvements for stability

    Download from Paltalk:
    Download from imFiles:


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