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PalTalk 8.3 Build 123 (pre beta)

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    Project SP

    herez the pre beta version of new build of paltalk 8.3
    coming soon, with some gr8 options, u can check around some,
    after you press yes to upgrade and den canceling the downloading,
    yet it is not for normal users, so u cant pm, enter or do anything with it,
    mic options in dis are gr8, users list sorting, is something they improved in………
    and alot

    PalTalk 8.3 Build 123 (pre beta) DL Link

    Megaupload DL Link

    MegaShare DL Link

    Can you go into rooms with it ❓ I am confuse 😕

    Project SP

    rite now u cant, butsoon. u will be able 2..


    Project SP can you crack pt color, if you can it’s cool man 😆

    Project SP

    no they do that, when they dont normal users to logon to it,
    as u can see, it is the pre beta version, vich means, their beta version
    is not even ready yet, wich will be soon on the site, for the public use.


    lol i have tried pal 9 alpha version , so this not a biggie . n pointless if we cant go to rooms n i got the same error said its an outdated version get the new version etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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