Paltalk 9.2 AKA PaltalkScene

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    Aigh so today I decided to install the new Paltalk to see whas up, I was expecting to see the same old things like always 🙂 but to my surprise Paltalk actually change some new thing, first the layout they made it black, at lit for the login and main screen


    as ya can see they turn it black, 🙂

    And whats this paltalkscene. I am thinking is because they making it more user friendly, although now to go to ya room you need to click on Favorites and there is the My Room link 🙂

    Ah one cool thing when you go to ya room check this out

    There is a copy room url thingy, now you can put this link on ya site so people visit you room, and the number I dont think will chage so thas a real good idea by paltalk 🙂

    One thing am I so out of site when comes to new paltalk features but ya know you can send pms to all your pals at the same time, ehhe thas prob old but I jut notice it 🙂

    Overall I like the new paltalk just need to updates my programs for it 🙂

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