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Paltalk 9.3 Future

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    I got these iteresting pm when after login to paltalk. They talking bout the new paltalk 9.3

    Paltalk Notifier: Please join us for a discussion of issues facing room owners.

    Representatives from Paltalk’s product team will be present to talk about new features in 9.3, including the new screening rooms functionality. We will also have a Q&A to answer any questions or issues you may have.

    Date/time: Thu, Oct 4. 2pm EST
    Room: Room Owners Feedback (in the Miscellaneous category)
    Password: scottbaio

    🙂 so they probably coming with the new paltalk soon :swift:


    i missed this chat, i was stuck at work, can anyone tell me what the new issues owners are facing?


    i didnt get to go either, but i am guessing they talk mostly about the new paltalk, in all honesty right now rooms owners have it good cause we can hack the rooms anymore like befor elol 😈


    dam i miss it to internet connections and storms over here grrr that sucks


    They also say an OSX version coming soon on the Beta Page….


    Wha, man tha be great, they mad smart cause a lot of people use macs I dont know why they didnt do that before 🙂 hey is there a direct link to the page bout the mac, thas big news 🙂 I wouldnt mind putting on the main page 8)


    Mac sucks. Needs moar linux.


    Hell no mac is mad nice 🙂


    Obviously if you say “Macs suck”, you know nothing about OSX, especially if you are talking about using Linux…in case you didn’t know…

    OSX is a highbred Unix/NeXT based on BSD Unix. Underneath the GUI is a complete command line driven *nix backend (yeah, complete with most *nix commands and man pages).

    It also comes with Apache pre-configured, and the ability to use PHP, MySQL and other *nix applications out of the box.

    The OSX OS can be configured to be in an AD domain, OD (Open Directory) domain and other *nix Directory Services. It can read NTFS out of the box, read/write Fat32, and Apples own HFS+ journaled filesystem. The Apple hardware can boot OSX, a lot of Intel flavors of *nix, and Windows XP/Vista. Apple even provides drivers for the hardware to be used in XP and Vista.

    OSX supports a ton of networking protocols just like other Unix flavors and supports ftp, WebDAV, SMB, AFP, SFTP, Telnet, SSH etc etc etc all built in.

    The OS GUI is completely based on PDF, so you can create a PDF of any print out from the print dialog (the Print system BTW is based on a licensed version of CUPS).

    You get the power of *nix as well as professional standard applications like Photoshop, Adobe Premiere (and other CS3 apps), Microsoft Office (not to mention OpenOffice and other *nix variants), and a ton of professional Apple audio/video applications like Final Cut Pro and the built in apps that come with every Mac – iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD….

    Now, I am not a programmer, but I AM a power users, and I support 6500 clients (all OSX) as well as 15 servers with raid boxes (also OSX) and Windows clients and servers. Yes, we also have a few Linux servers.

    So please, before you spout “Macs suck” how about learning a little…you would be might even (gasp) like it.

    And loco…the only mention of it is on the main page, just a snippet at the bottom.

    That should be it.



    That really wasn’t necessary. I know enough about Macs to get me by, thank you.

    I’m not really against Macs, it’s more the people who use them… To me, they’re all ass holes. IRL or on the internet. I personally prefer Windows over *nix and *nix over Mac. That’s just how I am.


    Now, had you said THAT….then, that is OK….there is nothing wrong with Windows….I use it and support it everyday…I prefer OSX and *nix since I can get more nitty gritty and can script a lot of things that normally I would have to search for apps on Windows….

    Put me in front of any computer and I can get along. I mean, I orginally did Basic on a TRS-80 Color Computer, and then got really into the Amiga for some time. But you see where I am coming from, I can’t stand the “Mac Sucks” “Windows Sucks” “Unix Sucks” type comments. I prefer to have a conversation…like “this is why I dont like it” or “I dont know enough about it…” etc.

    Sorry for the rant 🙄



    This convo is getting way off topic, there is actually a OS catagory in this forum that stuff like this can be talked about…..

    P.s Windows rocks for gaming, And linux for applications, Be nice when linux supports gaming like microsoft does




    thats the only future of pal9.3 that they gona support this mac… 😯

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