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    Aigh here a proggie I am working on is and admin bot for paltalk rooms, what this program includes is the greeter, anouncer, swearbot,
    also have more cool comands

    Aigh this how it works.
    First you must add admins to the program and save it.
    Now that the Admins are save you ready to start, click on the connect button to connect to the room then click on the start buttom to start it.
    From the the program you can start the greeter, the anouncer and the swearbot.
    Now here there commands
    greeter on This will turn the greeter on
    greeter off This will turn the greeter off
    anouncer on This will turn the anouncer on
    anouncer off This will turn the anouncer off
    cma! message This will change or add the messge to be anounce, where message is the message you want to have.
    at! time This will change the amount between each message in seconds, where time is represents the seconds example at! 60, this will change the time between each message to 60 seconds, but in actuallity the way the program is made is about 30 seconds 🙂
    rt okie i notice that when the program bounces someone and its about the same time for the next message of the anouncer, it skips so i added this command in case it jusnt, what this would do is reset the time of the clock to 0 again.
    first of all this is to check the room for phrases or words that you dont want to be type, it would give peeps a bounce or a redot depending on wha you select.
    swearbot on This will turn on the swearbot
    swearbot off This will turn off the swearbot.
    as! swear This will add an swear to be monitor, where swear represents the word or phrase to be monitor.
    ad! nickname This will add an admin to the admin list, where nickname represents the nickname of the person you want to add.
    rd! nickname With this command you can redot someone or unredot, where nickname represents the nickname of the person.
    bc! nickname This will bounce people, where nickname represents the nickname of the person.

    Thas about it for now, one thing as of right now this version ony works for paltalk 8.3 build 126 I going to try to make it so it works with all paltalks 🙂

    aigh if you got any suggestion, comments, or bugs to report just reply here 8)

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