paltalk ad/spy problem & my trial to solve it

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    first of all i like 2 thank you 4 this great site.
    paltalk has spyware ,and, paltalk is spyware:
    1- ad related
    2- cokie related
    3- paltalk itself related ❗

    see these 4 info:

    <code><a href="" class="bbcode_url"></a></code>


    <code><a href="" class="bbcode_url"></a></code>

    killer video 😯
    3- not 2 mention the co-admin scandels

    well after this video i tried really hard 2 protect my self ,here is my own experience, as follow:

    1- zone alarm pro :–>program control–>programs–>paltalkscene–>
    i-trust level: restricted
    ii-access trusted and internet: allow
    iii-server and send email: block

    2- peerguardian used 2 block the ads (i.e.:ad servers) integrated with paltalk,but not any more in its updated lists, but i still use it 4 bittorrenting and p2p, so now i use ;
    netpeeker & to know what 2 allow, one need 2 know a little bit about paltalk protocols just google it, u can try different configurations till u get it and then create a rule so u dont have 2 do it each time u start paltalk, i could use a little help in this and i hope someone who know how 2 take pics of pc screen and post them to make a tutorial of netpeeker popup windows.
    dont worry of messing around with net peeker u can delete a program with all its rules or just one particular rule of choice which u will find under–>preferences–>firwall–>learnt rule set–>rules 4 paltalk.exe or just the rule of choice
    mainly the loader server: allowed
    first ip server of paltalk(the one the loader redirect u toward): allowed
    may be one more ip, dont raelly remember,
    now each room has its own ip: allowed and i gess as i can remember a voice server: allowed and may be the room has banner specific 2 it if u want 2 view it allow its ip

    mainly any other thing deny
    use the whois integrated to know info about the company, website,..etc.
    ad servers you will block them (i.e: choose deny) but still paltalk will show them via paltalk people and other i cant remember the full list, so u deny those 2,and deny paltalk 2 listen on any udp port.

    oh and dont make paltalk remember ur pass, well; a cokie related security

    well after all setups and lots of configs:
    i open paltalk, enter pass, give me small window says “access denied“( i am sure thier illegal access as shown in the video above is denied 😆 $ not my access 2 them 😉 ),paltalk opens,i choose my room of interest and enjoy 😀 hope u Njoy 2 😉

    hope this was useful 2 someone somewhere,
    your objective related to the subject comments are highly appreciated thank you again for this forum




    Ghost he pointed out how paltalk is putting shit in our computers, I still think they are a spyware even if they say they are not, Thanks for the tuts taymourlang 🙂


    why don’t you try to find out exactly what kind of malware is harming your computer? i mean, come on, there are a lot of softwares that do that and where you don’t have to figure it out yourself. I can recommend you such a software if you want. KIS 7. It’s a very good software. No problems since i am using this software.

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