Paltalk beta version supports programmers to create bots ( Paltalk NG )

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    The fix will be delivered with the next 29.3 build.Together with the fix, we added the ability to get the room member is asking for a microphone flag (Microphone queue flag). To get this flag…..
    Please visit the group for more information


    hi chicagodavid52,can you share your codes in readroom? i will thankfull if you can show me the codes,i am planning to make a simple triavia bot and welcomebots for paltalk,because i use your greeter but greeter only work if the readroom is open,so i am planning to make it together in 1 project.



    I need to send message containing icon and unicode to paltalt through RichEdit20W i am getting font error like this “Xin chᅢᅠo! ᅣミᅢᄁy lᅢᅠ m£ᄏルt tin nh£ᄎᆵn Unicode ti£ᄎ﾿ng Vi£ᄏヌt cᅢᄈ d£ᄎᆬu￯﾿ᄑ￯﾿ᄑ” can anyone help me. Thanks


    To nguoi dau ten
    bạn có thể vào trong này, con AI có thể giúp bạn. vui lòng cho nó biết bạn cần làm điều gì, mô tã rõ chi tiết, thì sẽ chính xác hơn, Hoặc nhóm có thể giúp bạn. nếu bạn muốn.


    I’m trying to use SendMessageW to send paltalk messages through RichEdit20W with Vietnamese content but when I send it, I get a font error like the image attached


    The RichEdit20W is very tricky. Did you manage to try with AutomationElement and use this:

     Dim hwnd = element.Current.NativeWindowHandle
                    Dim input = CType(element.GetCurrentPattern(ValuePattern.Pattern), ValuePattern)
                    WinAPIService.PostMessage(hwnd, WinAPIService.WM_KEYDOWN, WinAPIService.VK_RETURN, 0)
                    WinAPIService.PostMessage(hwnd, WinAPIService.WM_KEYUP, WinAPIService.VK_RETURN, 0)

    One thing that really bugs me is that Paltalk ignores the the Linux users. For example Android uses parts of Linux like the software stack. The Like of Apple Mac and ios are both BSD based Are very much like Unix. So making a single app for Linux should be to hard and a .DEB file would be fine with me.

    The problem with trying to use wine or something like bottles is their essentially just A program that sandboxes Windows apps and some will crash and Some ran for any good length of time will hangup or even crash.

    I know Locohacker and I would like to see a Linux app be developed I hope other would to. I’m sure the Linux community would help in development of Paltalk. I know the Pop!_OS Team has voiced the opinion about this through a email and even let Paltalk team know they would feature Paltalk in Pop!_OS app store.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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