Paltalk Colour and Paltalk Cracks

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    Paltalk Colour

    In lue of recent events, Paltalk Colour is no longer supported on this forum. You may not post download links or information for the program. Any topic contaning this will either be locked or remove. Any user posting this faces a possible ban from the forums.

    Paltalk Cracks

    The cracked version of Paltalk

    Any type of cracked software is against the forum rules. Anyone posting download links faces a possible ban. Discussion of the program is allowed to a certain extent. When and admin or mod feels it’s getting to the illegal point, the topic will be locked.

    Other cracks for Paltalk

    As stated above, all cracks are against forum rules. The admins and mods will remove any such programs, no questions asked.


    The administrators of this forum can and will ban any user posting cracks. This is not a warez forum and should not be treated as one.

    The moderators of this forum can and will remove any post containing cracks. The moderator will also report any such user posting cracks to an admin for further review.

    Forum Rules

    The forum rules, as always, are posted here:

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