Paltalk Colour Time Lock Remover

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    well i decided to forward my system time to june (as suggest to do in another topic) and yeah it locked the new paltalk colour 6.63, So not to be out done by this i started check out whats going on and why the program locked, in my journeys i found i lot of interesting things about paltalk colour, for example did you know when you run this new version of paltalk colour it opens a hiden terminal server (used to connect to other server) so im thinking to my self why is this happening and the only thing i could think of is that its sending infomation somewhere or collection infomation from some server….

    Anyway as my journey keep going i found out what locks the program also :O) and thats when i decided to make a fix for it…

    this little program was tested on my machine and works and it should work for you guys also,


    P.s for the other paltak programmers out there wanting to know all about paltalk colour give me a little more time to check it out further, as im in the middle of unpacking the exe know that i know what packer they are using, this will enable me to check out how they cracked paltalk colour

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