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    Hi, Years ago I tried writing something that would read the Paltalk for Desktop (aka New Paltalk) room and failed. I tried again some weeks ago and have somewhat succeeded. What I produced is an application that copies all the Paltalk room text to another window from which it can be more easily saved out because it is very difficult to create a copy of room text in Paltalk for Desktop.
    I have 2 attachments, one is a screen shot showing the bot to the left and a Paltalk window to the right. The other attachment contains the application and documentation. Any feedback to me on Paltalk is welcomed.


    OMG!!! it works lol man you the first person I know that was able to connect to the new Paltalk πŸ™‚ Great job Bro.


    I was wondering if to connect to the rooms with unicode characters you can copy and paste the room name to a richtextbox like this room “β™› β™«β™«β™« Chill And Cheerful Music β™«β™«β™« β™›” and use richtextbox as the room selector instead of the combo box?


    Yeah, that was the exact room the selector failed on for me because I wanted to test in a room with a lot of typing. I’ll look at the room selector code to see if there is something I can fix, but your suggestion sounds like a good alternative when it fails.


    Here is an updated version with the room selection fixed for Unicode room names, with occasional repeat of lines fixed, and with nicknames now bold for easier viewing.


    Yeps it works in room with Unicodes, one thing though when I try sending text in this room β€œβ™› β™«β™«β™« Chill And Cheerful Music β™«β™«β™« ♛” the text is not sent, it gets the text from that room though. Every other room even with some unicodes works πŸ™‚


    Yeah I can’t really get the Win API functions to work with at least some Unicode. The way I get the window to print text using the “Easy Enter” method is using the Win API, which fails for me with Unicode window names.
    I got reading to work with Unicode window names by using the UI Automation API, which has no issues with Unicode, and I populate the combo box with that.
    I’ll play around with it some day to get writing to work on Unicode windows.
    The Paltalk client UI Automation doesn’t expose any other content in the window – i.e., not who is on mic, who is in the room. Since its main reason for existence should be screen readers for the blind that seems unfortunate.


    If you ever decide to share the code let me know I have some ideas I can do with it πŸ™‚


    code plzzzzz


    please share cod so other programs can be developed


    David, I’m assuming you discovered the edit control “ui::controls::EmojiTextEdit” as specified by element.Β This can be used to send any text to the room:

     var input = (ValuePattern)element.GetCurrentPattern(ValuePattern.Pattern);
     input.SetValue("any text here");   

    hope this helps


    Yeah, I use that as one of my two output methods, but without the SetFocus. I think the SetValue might focus.
    The method I prefer, at least for English text, is to use PostMessage to send a bunch of WM_CHAR messages, followed by the Return key to the Paltalk chat room window. That works as long as the text entry control had the most recent focus. I like it better because I can be using other apps/windows while a bot is outputting to the Paltalk room (I don’t have such a bot yet, but I’m thinking theoretically). Unfortunately it might be limited as far as Unicode characters it will send. I never got it to accept supplemental Unicode that the first method accepts.


    If you want to send using the Win32 API, you must specify Unicode.

    [DllImport(“user32.dll”, EntryPoint = “SendMessage”, CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)]
    static extern IntPtr sendMessageUnicode(IntPtr windowHandle, int message, IntPtr wParam, string text);

    sendMessageUnicode(new IntPtr(hwnd), WM_SETTEXT, IntPtr.Zero, “unicode message here”);

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