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– Paltalk is Highly unethical ! My question is . . . –

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    Dear Friends,

    I am new here but think know you for life !

    Paltalk is Highly unethical for one simple reason :

    ( After a while and most users ” live in fear ” of being banned from the program )

    The chat program is ‘policed’ by a team of power-MAD hypocrites called ‘Red Admins,’ 👿 so-called because their names appear in red text in the chat rooms.

    Expulsion from Paltalk is common, often with no legitimate reason given. It would appear Jason Katz does not tolerate dissent.

    Corruption is rife amongst Red Admins. Many have non-admin friends using the program and are sometimes urged by these friends to terminate someone’s account or ban a person outright as a favour, which gives out a fear factor among Paltalk chatters. People engaged in an online argument will often use the threat, “I have a friend who is a Paltalk Admin,” the ultimate aim of which is to frighten their adversary into submission or apology; and invariably it works, because despite its shortcomings, Paltalk becomes addictive after a while and most users live in fear of being banned from the program.

    My Question is . . .

    Can we reate our own voice chat program and call it ” No fear of being banned Talk ” ?

    I can Nice and Easelly bring about 600 people from paltalk to this voice chat ! They are all ready to immigrate !

    I can also help you to do the job.

    Let me know what you think.

    With respect,
    Eye Bee M

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