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    Aigh, I am trying to make a paltalk music bot, I getting there lol so I need so feedback on how am I doing so far πŸ™‚

    aigh before u use it, you must do this

    You need to go to Setup on the platalk window then there click on preferences, there you go to audio test, there you click on Input Mixer settings, there you click on options then properties select recording, and right bellow that slect Stereo mix, then press ok,

    Now click on imput mixer settings again and make sure the the stereo mix is selected πŸ™‚ thas it for the first setting, one thing if you need to select the Microphone, but this will disable the other one lol, I am trying to make it so you can do it both ): the be later.

    aigh now open the program, clik on plylist editor, thas where u make the play list, πŸ™‚ then save it done for that

    now add admins, click on admins and add the people who can send command to the bot πŸ™‚ save the list

    Now click on connect to connect to the room.

    now on the program click on load and load ur play list

    and the program will start automaitcally πŸ™‚ if the option auto play is set to yes

    thas it the bot is on, now check some of the cool comands

    For admins

    next! will paly the next song

    last! Will play the last song

    mic! will lock or unlock the mic in the computer thats the bot is on

    pause! will pause the song

    play! will paly the song from pause

    stop! will stop the song and move to the next one

    Thas all for now i might put a lot more πŸ™‚

    now for regular user the only command I put so far is

    name! this will send the name of the current song πŸ™‚

    thas about if for now I think, I need your guys feed back and suggestions, and bug reporst to keep on πŸ™‚

    aigh check it

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