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Paltalk Music Bot Out :)

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    Ok, I finally finsih the music bot to a point I feel its cool to be release, 🙂

    This is more then a music bot it also has a greeter and an anouncer.

    how to use it

    First you must set up the audio output you can read about it here

    or do this in the program when u open it click on the button that says
    Open Record Control when the windows open click on options then properties, there make sure that Recording is selected where under Adjust volume for frame now right under that the stereo mix should be selected also then press ok,

    now open the Record control and make sure that right under Stereo Mix the select box is selected.

    Now when you wish to talk on the mic jsut open the Recording Control and seclect on Microphone.

    Ok Next you need to add admins you want to administer the Music Bot, Click on the Admins menu on the program, there you add and delete them.

    Next create a music list, click on playlist editor there u make the music list and save it.

    Now connect to the room then click the load buttom to load the list, the program will start automatically 🙂 if you have the autoplay on, if you have it off then you must click on play then start buttoms okie.

    Now the program is ready for your commands, this are the command you can type in the room.


    play! you can play the song that is in pause or is stop.

    next! playnext song

    last! play the last song

    stop! stops the current song and goes to the the nex one, you must then send the play! messege for the song to play.

    pause! it pauses the song

    Regular users

    name! it sends the name of the current song palying to the room.

    req! # it request a song where # is the number of the song that you want

    list! now this is depending on the music bot administrator, let say he uplaoded the list to his server and he has a list url, if so you will the bot will send the list url to the room, I did it this for now I might change it cause I figure some playlist are to long so its better to have like a nice url where u can custumize it, 🙂

    thats about it for now, If you guys have any ideas be free to reply and also any bugs.

    You can download it here

    its a isntaller if it ask you for more missing files please tell me so I can update it


    Hey peeps I made a little update I realize how much cpu this program can take, so to cut it in half i added something easy in the menu u will see a menu for visulization just click on off and ur cpu usage will be cut in half 🙂


    greate work as usual loco 😉


    damn dat shit looks clean man


    hey yo, how can i find songs? !find << it doesnt work


    umm i havent added the feature to teh program, but sounds cool i gonna try to do it next week 🙂


    LOL ! I’m been trying to adding up all of my admins. onto the admin slot. I’m sure they can request the song to be plays. But they cann’t stop it. Even on the regular chatter. after the song has been played. it doesn’t stop at all. It’s just automatically goes to the next ones on the list.

    Does all these are bugs ?? 🙄 🙄


    what paltalk version they using, and is the stop play the only error ah, and did u download the latest music bot, cause i think i fix the error,

    but i check it again,

    just tell me all the bugs 🙂



    hm.. it plays song , stops , pauses .. skips the next or plays the one before .. locks the mic too ..these buttons are working good ..

    but the commands are not working .. i added some ppl as admin and when they typed “play!” or “pause!” bot didnot do nothing …

    maybe we can fix this together i can help you live … its hard to find someone to help me .. when i say i have a proggy .. ppl dot me or bounce , they scare i is an hacker ffs .. wtf .. how can i steal your nicks with a “play!” command .. only a god could do that not a hacker ffs … just got banned from a room , fck em all !!

    anyway , i will try this with a friend too .. but i think the text commands aint working …

    other than its a great proggy with greeter and announcer addons .. well done bro


    Ah I think is because thats for build 118 I need to update it to build 120,

    I need ideas for this before i update it 🙂 this music list thing, the way i made it is so the admin create like a webpage with all the songs, and when a person in the room says list! the bot sends the url of the song list, but I still dont know how to go about like sending the songs list to the room 🙂 what if its a huge lsit lol


    🙂 I gonna try to update it later today


    umm I am having the smae problems with admins, lol they cant play next or stop ect.. so I think I need to check the code cause that one suppose to be for 120 so it must be somethign wrong on the code I will check it today 🙂


    Aigh here an update for build 120, now it has the find! song option.

    To use the find! fucntion do this

    find! keyword

    Where keyword is the name of the song or part of the name of the song, the program will send a messge to the room with the name and position of the song 🙂

    and PbcaEr check I think I fix the admins command now 🙂

    aigh any bugs pls report them here okei


    connect to the room, load music list , edit admin list , then lock the mic …

    play! command working good , starts off the playlist , pause! works good too , pausing the mic but when u say !play again it doesnot play , u have to go to prog’s panel and start the song manually … its like the song stays stuck in the list .

    stop! command stops the prog too.. working …

    next! command working good .. last! works too but sometimes gives an error message and when u say ok to that messages it shuts down the proggy …

    find! command is brilliant and working great … , but you can fix the result message , it says no result found for the word and then sends the second line ” results found : ” maybe u can remove it .. and req! command working too … but i have an idea , when you play a requested song , can you make it like ” song requested by Mr Lagger : metallica – unforgiven II now playing ” so then ppl wouldnot want raise their hands and play … and you can add a new command , for example dedicate! song , u know then ppl would request songs for others and this would be cool too …name! command working too and can you add the requesters of that tune to the message like this ” the song is metallica unforgiven : this song requested by mr lagger lagger , Admin , papi pupi ” etc or if u make dedicate command , ” requested by mr lagger for Admin ” bla

    here an advise , close the visualition option it works faster and better …

    i tried the greeter , it works good … and the announcer , it s working too

    You need to fix play! command after pause! and stop! commands , it doesnot work … but its not a biggie

    ppl loved it mate .. its a genius job .. simple and useful .. everyone thought i am a magician lol

    in fact , ppl like to play music in rooms , most ppl care that really much … so i tought a music bot wouldnot mean much for rooms but this is something like playing music … cus u can request ur own song and if u can make dedicating song option too would be kool i think …

    another thing … the song list url … most big rooms has web sites so they can add a link there … and announcer can be used to send the url like this ” http:url of the list . To see your fave songs request number visit us ” … But bro , since you have find! command and since ppl can find results and see the song numbers , no need to upgrade url option u know …

    but maybe you can make a song rating system or a top10 musicbox system .. when ppl send TUNE! command , the proggy counts them and according to this TUNE! points , it lists them u know… would be cool

    anyway its a great job man .. hope you fix these things i said .. well done

    c ya


    Paltalk has updated to version 8.3 built 122. As a result the musicbot doesnt work anymore. Ae going to be updates for the musicbot 8.2 built 120? Ok i really hope so cuz the bot is awesome.

    Greetings philips.


    damn PbcaEr u explain it exellent sorry I didt read the post before but I will do those updates and more when I go on brake I am planning to make it much more stable and even less cpu consuming 😉

    aigh phillips here you go I made a quick update for ya 🙂 if you find any errors please post them here okie thanks 🙂

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