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    Ok, I finally finsih the music bot to a point I feel its cool to be release, πŸ™‚

    This is more then a music bot it also has a greeter and an anouncer.

    how to use it

    First you must set up the audio output you can read about it here

    or do this in the program when u open it click on the button that says
    Open Record Control when the windows open click on options then properties, there make sure that Recording is selected where under Adjust volume for frame now right under that the stereo mix should be selected also then press ok,

    now open the Record control and make sure that right under Stereo Mix the select box is selected.

    Now when you wish to talk on the mic jsut open the Recording Control and seclect on Microphone.

    Ok Next you need to add admins you want to administer the Music Bot, Click on the Admins menu on the program, there you add and delete them.

    Next create a music list, click on playlist editor there u make the music list and save it.

    Now connect to the room then click the load buttom to load the list, the program will start automatically πŸ™‚ if you have the autoplay on, if you have it off then you must click on play then start buttoms okie.

    Now the program is ready for your commands, this are the command you can type in the room.


    play! you can play the song that is in pause or is stop.

    next! playnext song

    last! play the last song

    stop! stops the current song and goes to the the nex one, you must then send the play! messege for the song to play.

    pause! it pauses the song

    Regular users

    name! it sends the name of the current song palying to the room.

    req! # it request a song where # is the number of the song that you want

    list! now this is depending on the music bot administrator, let say he uplaoded the list to his server and he has a list url, if so you will the bot will send the list url to the room, I did it this for now I might change it cause I figure some playlist are to long so its better to have like a nice url where u can custumize it, πŸ™‚

    thats about it for now, If you guys have any ideas be free to reply and also any bugs.

    You can download it here

    its a isntaller if it ask you for more missing files please tell me so I can update it

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