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PalTalk Nicks Project SP Forcer v2

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    Project SP

    This Program Will Let Find the Password Of The Victim
    That You Want To Know The Password.. by Loading a Password List
    Taken From Anywhere then Cleared With “PalTalk Passwords List Purifier”
    and ive Also put down some of cleared passwords list around 10,000 passwords,….

    **Attention** Not A Prank….. This Is A Nice Piece Of Codes I’ve Created

    PalTalk Nicks Project SP Forcer v2 :
    PalTalk Passwords List Purifier :
    PalTalk Passwords Lists :


    nice lol but dont think u find someone password …
    maybe 2 our of 1,000 maybe depends if the user dont have a good password they made.. Anyways Nice ….

    Project SP

    yesh hacky bro i know of that possibility….
    dats y im making alots of randomly made passwords…
    AplhaNumerics………………..well u can always use the passwords list
    from otherz…. and use the purifier…. wat the purifier does is
    it removes all of the characters, that paltalk dont allow in their passwords…

    Project SP

    in another sense…. it clears the nonusuable junk from the passwords list…..


    Chances of it acually finding the users password is very low.
    Still a nice idea 😉


    Yep i love it, u never know man, jeje great program i think 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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