Paltalk On Linux

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    Originally Posted by H2k gUrL
    Here is Fixed

    1- Download this file Wine-20030618.tar.gz

    (Note: If the link above dose not start your download get the newer version from the win development library Here “”

    2- (Unzip) tar -zxvf Wine-20020509.tar.gz

    3- mv wine-20020509 wine

    4- Now type the following command:

    cd wine


    5- ./tools/wineinstall

    (if you are asked about Root install Click Yes)

    After instillation

    6- Download this file winesetuptk 0.6

    (Note: If the link above dose not start your download

    get the newer version from the main site here “”

    For installation

    open “Konqueror” and click the file winesetuptk

    In Kpackage click Install

    7- Type the following command for (Win Settings)


    8- To fix the registry Reg-fixer go to:

    wine c:paltalkregfixer.exe

    9- To Start PalTalk

    wine -dll comctl32,shlwapi=n c:paltalkpaltalk.exe

    10- If the suck it crash you can remove it manually to do so get:

    cd /home/yourlog in user/.wine/wineserver-linux and type rm socket

    11- To remove the suck it automatically get:

    rm /home/user log/.wine/wineserver-linux/socket


    hmmm with wine i just opened the paltalk installer and it set up a fakewindows folder with all the needed files to run paltalk basicly thats what wine does now it justs makes a fake windows on the OS so you can run Win32 Appz Knoppix i think would be the best thing to use thou for newbs like UDG Since they are using there mommys computer LOL i doubt theses kids can get there own computer on by cleaning the house and mowing the lawn 😉 anyways but knoppix just runs off a CD-Rom sadly i dont go for linux because linux is about as lame as windows i like Unix FreeBSD the command line is alot nicer and the platform is alot better 😉 my point of view is that Knoppix is a for sure a hacked up linux kernal LOL…


    Yo Syxx whas the link for knoppix i wnna try it 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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