Paltalk Room Smile Sender Beta Version

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    Since I Started Dealing Wit Paltalk Again I Wanted Yall Guys TO Experience something new not just bans and stuff like there a little bit mor help wit smiles i got tired of sending smiles on paltalk clicking and finding wich icon i want well im working on this project its a room smile sender beta version only havent tried it yet but dident know should i release it or not anyways here is a screen shot


    like way off topic….


    yeah guys but typing them is easier , isnot it ?

    if you wanna know a smiley’s text code .. pm yourself or any room or any one in ur list .. and type a smiley 6 times ( PS : you cant use more than 5 smileys in a line ) so the last one will seem as text .. you kno what i mean .. then you can learn that n use it .. typing is easier according to me


    nahh wit this u just press the smile wich you want it sends the smile automaticly to a paltalk room


    i dont get it senco… paltalk already has this next to the text edit bar, just click and choose your emotion


    yeah, and 1 less window ^_^


    lol a proggy should help you to do something easier n with less windows opened.. so senseless makin a proggy like this .. if you cud make a proggy which can be controled by keyboard .. wud be cool , you can open it with CTRL n move on it with tab key n pick the smiley u want n send it wiff ENTER .. something like this.. then no mouse …

    yea since you worked on this congrats man …


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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