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Paltalk Smiley Encoding by ChiNa-Man

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    Paltalk Smiley Decoding/Encoding by ChiNa-Man
    I had a lots of time to separate all the codes and make a tut throug out the weekend


    Every SMILEY have a set, and a set-name.
    Example Like: “ch_huge” or “ch_developer”
    1:Where “Name” is = “ch_huge”2: Where “Code” is = “:-)”

    Finished Code should look like this —>> [e=ch_huge]🙂[/e]
    Past it in paltalk chat –> [e=ch_huge]🙂[/e]
    Past it in paltalk chat –> [e=ch_huge]🙂[/e]

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Its a RAR FILE all in TXT, and there is also a README_TUT txt in it.

    Can be uploaded from:
    Rar Password: china-man

    By ChiNa-Man
    TUT VIDEO —>


    Some of the secondary smiles still fail for example the code you asked users to copy and paste above does not function properly in Paltalk 10 396 it displays your code.


    Then with a cat smiley in the middle instead of the happy face! the [e=********] [/e] fails and other users are able to see the code because it does not properly switch the smiley once posted.

    Thanks for the smiley codes tho there was a few I had forgotten about 🙂


    U welcome, am happy you learned the trick 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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