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    Notice: This is only a BETA Version and halfway finished!

    Spotify Tool with Paltalk Messenger Integration was Requested by a Member earlier Yesterday! Right in HERE >>…

    I had good time to work on it and I already had a few API’s ready for it! We are releasing this Version for Testing Purposes, and to get our users Feedback, so we can build a Larger Version later. So right now the software is far from finished, and Still needs a lot more work on it, but I decided to released to see what we get back as a feedback!

    Notice the Version on the Video was the First release! Not much has changed, beside the Playlist and a few other things that has been removed to improve the Tool. You can watch the Videon Imfiles Official Youtube Channel!

    Simple Spotify Player Tool – With Paltalk Integration

    Room Example

    Options Added:
    – Play/Pause Button
    – Previouse Track Button
    – Next Track Button
    – Vol Up / Vol Down
    – Search Field – Searchs Artits by Name or Song Title

    Extra Options:
    Fancy Push Button Effect
    Showes Artist Name and Song Title inside the Tool
    Sends Artist Name and Song Title in the room
    Color Chooser
    Text Sending Option

    How to Use the Tool?

    1- Please watch the video if you have the time, or else all you have to do is to Login to Start your Spotify Software and Join any Room in Paltalk!
    2 – After joining the room, make sure to SELECT the room that you have joined using the Room Selector.
    3 – Start Playing your Songs from Spotify or Directly from the Tool! Thats it.

    Enjoy and Please dont forget to give us some feedback as soon as you have tried it, its very important for us to know what the next step will be for a larger Product, Thank you!

    Notice: The Download is available from the Attachments below! We’ve attached 2 Different Downloads, and EXE and an MSI Installer.

    Extra Credits: Auto-Pilot & Locohacker

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