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Paltalk Text Fader Preview (Delphi Coded)

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    Hey guys I thought I would share this little app, Its not yet complete but is still functional. I have changed my programming over to delphi as I can see great speed improvments with delphi over vb6. So here is a little app i made just to show off some of delphi’s speed.

    Fading options is like no other for paltalk and has “True” fade, This meaning the program will calculate the amount of charactors written and actually calculate the colour that needs inbetween, thus creating true fade effect, Also option to load/save your fades, I have included some presets for you so you can get an idea, Plus many options to change the faded scheme. Supports Fonts,Styles,Colours as with any Rtf format.

    Add “Auto Fade”, People will be able to write in paltalk and it will fade there text automatically without having to write it into the fader first.
    Some other improvements need to be done.

    Please send suggestions and idea’s so we can together improve this app, And also keep in mind this is not completed and could hold some bugs, So i need your help to report them here for me.

    P.s Paltalk Greeter is next on the list writting in Delphi,If you are looking for a greeter you can download the vb6 version here
    Paltalk Greeter 9.2 Vb6

    Download Paltalk Fader Alpha Version below
    [attachment=0:95ae3]Paltalk Text Fader.rar[/attachment:95ae3]


    I Find this a High turn on, even though i don;t give a shit about paltalk, or faded text.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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