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    I downloaded the “TriviaMaster” program, however unlike mIRC/IRC, I found out that I can only run a single user at a time in the same computer in Paltalk. I also want to maintain a Trivia bot that stays 24/7 online like in mIRC, is there an option here in Paltalk also?



    First of all there are no such thing as good trivia bot, they are all pain in my lower back.

    You can run one user in paltalk express and another in paltal messanger


    Thanks for the response!


    I came across the same queries from couple of people in Paltalk. A friend was asking this same question yesterday and to avoid confusion, I would like to make it clear here : )

    Unfortunately, Unix Shell Accounts which can be used for BNC, psyBNC, sBNC, Eggdrop, screen, bitchx, irssi, etc are currently not available with Paltalk. As simple as that!

    Q: What the heck is a “BNC”?
    A: BNC is a BouNCer that stays connected 24/7 on Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and has the ability to store messages while you are offline. (Your nick or Bot)

    If you want to create your own modules you can do so either in C++, TCL or PERL programming languages.

    A bnc acts as a proxy for Internet Relay Chat, allowing you to hide your real IP address and use a vhost (vanity host – something like ‘’). What are the advantages of this? Well, mainly there’s just one important one: It’ll stop stupid packet kiddies from trying to knock you off the network. Everyone hates getting disconnected, and with a bnc on a decent shell, you should be pretty immune. Remember though: the kiddies can still nuke you, but it is assumed that the shell provider has a high-bandwidth line that allows it to withstand the numerous packets. If your shell is on a 56.6, you’ll still be screwed.

    Q: What is a bot ?
    A: Bots and scripts are special programs written to take advantage of certain features to make the experience more or less pleasant. Bots remain on chat channels (like IRC) at all times (hopefully) and provide services to those channel members. In addition, bots may provide services to the clients of a certain server, or to the users of an entire network. Scripts are programs used by clients to extend their sets of features in ways that either provide new functions for channel/ user management, or provide malicious features to disrupt others (“war scripts” there are also “war bots”).

    Q: Do I want a bot?
    A: This is not really a frequently asked question, but it should be. It seems that a lot of people want bots but have no clue what to do with them. Ask yourself what would you use a bot for. Most people use them to hold their channels open and for better stability and control of their channels.

    Q: How is a bot run?
    A: Bots are normally separate processes from your normal client. However, you can be the bot if you wish by simply loading the bot script into your chatting client rather than another copy of it.

    Hope this helps


    Thank you very much sir : )


    @Merlin30 wrote:

    I downloaded the “TriviaMaster” program, however unlike mIRC/IRC, I found out that I can only run a single user at a time in the same computer in Paltalk.

    You could install a virtual machine on your computer and run the bot inside of it. That way you could run another instance of paltalkscene outside the virtual machine on the same computer.

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