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    (First of all, this is for Educational Purposes)

    Hey guys, Long time, missing the forum on here! I apologise that I am busy working and not only that, I just became a Designer and working my free time on vBulletin! But it does not mean I have forgotten about my HOME & my friends!

    I was a bit bored today, and started to check a few stuff about Paltalk, and guess what I found?

    And all the Domains below is owned by Paltalk, do you know what the PROVE IS? All the domains have the EXACT same IP adress as which is:!

    I am a website owner and Trust me, I cant just get REDIRECTED any other domain to my website without paying up or basicly own the domain myself! For example, lets say if you own, and 1 or 2 links like “” will not just redirect people to your site, UNLESS you pay and choose to DO IT YOURSELF! So its made and done by Paltalk.

    All the sites below, will redirect you to PALTALK.COM! STRANGE HA?

    And there are many many more that belongs to Paltalk, you just have to search!

    Instructions to Check IP & DOMAIN:

    Here is how you check if the Domains really belong to Paltalk:

    First I had to find / PING to catch the IP adress:

    Now we got the IP for (

    And then I had to PING “”, If it has the same IP as PALTALK.COM

    And WOLA, It has the EXACT same IP as PALTALK.COM

    Here is how you do this:

    In your windows, Click on START, and in the SEARCH FIELD you type “CMD” and click on Enter! Now a black box (Command Line) should pop up, we will now use PINGING to check the domains,,

    Basicly in the black box type:

    Make sure to use the word PING and then the DOMAIN.COM after, Click Enter and this is how you get the IP of the domains, and ofcourse in this case PALTALK!

    Here is a link to check the FULL prove: And you can see the exact same Domains showing up under, on the right side below!

    Good luck guys, and this is how bad I get bored some times! lool

    By the way, And if you have a good gossip or any funny storry about Paltalk please post it below this topic, lets make this to a BIG “Paltalk Gossip” topic. Thank you….

    by China-Man

    Extra note: Why is the IP Adress so important?
    WELL if your a website owner, then you know that to have and FTP account, you must have a DOMAIN NAME as HOST! And using a FTP you must have a DOMAIN as your HOST, or amain IP as your HOST! So a hostname is always used for FTP, and you can also use the IP ADRESSE of your DOMAIN instead of a HOSTNAME in your FTP details. Now here is the thing. it means that the IP we found on! IS THEIR MAIN FTP ACCOUNT + DOMAIN + HOST

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