PalTool Version 4.2 new update

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    what’s new

    1. add mass invite.
    2. add ignore admins in mass add.
    3. get notification when some pal start his cam on the room (you must add his nick in the notification box)
    4. notification me when pal comes online (functions and logs).
    5. removed read chat and send chat (not needed)
    6. check if the user already in the room (Send wlcome msg. when pal joined. and Get a notifi. if pal has join the room.)
    7. new design.
    8. most of the source code was re-wrote again better and simple.
    9. add new styles.
    10. change app versions to the Software versioning standard.

    i hope you enjoy with it guys (y)

    AntiVirus scan link


    Antiviruses scan link


    Download link


    @Jiiix, Good job. This one looks much better 😀 .

    I also recommend in future you dont have to Create a NEW TOPIC for each new Updated Version. If you already have made one, then you should add the newly Update within the OLD. Else it cant get confusing for people. If you have 3 Different Versions then thats another thing. But on new Updates then Post them within a Single Topics. Therefor we will have to delete your OLD Topics that contains an older Version of the Same Topic. Hope you keep that in mind. Thats one of the reasons you can edit and Delete your Topics on imFiles.

    PS, Same thing on China-Cheats


    @ChiNa-Man thanks for your encouragement bro, and about your notes i will keep it in my mind


    @Jiiixx, You are very welcome. If the old Version is Working. Feel free to add it within the Topic you’ve made. Simply add each version below each other. Then people wont have problems finding it.  And Everytime a New Update is out, simply Create a new REPLY/COMMENT. Here is  one Example of many Softwares NYVE have Posted >>  He is very good at it lol .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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